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For us, technology is simply a tool that should be used to change organizational structures within the company in accordance with its values and vision.

We help companies at all levels of consulting related to digitization and IT management.

Good questions about IT projects are essential for achieving a five-fold increase in return on investment!

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IT Audits
Digitization Strategy
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Creating solutions


We are experts in the following audits:

Audit for companies planning digitization and automation – consists in conducting a thorough assessment of current infrastructure, processes, and systems in order to identify opportunities for optimization and implementation of digital solutions. To provide the client with recommendations for implementing digitization, our experienced team of experts analyzes existing processes, collects business requirements, and evaluates the current system.

Audit for companies in the process of digitization – is a comprehensive tool for assessing, analyzing, and optimizing digital transformation strategies and activities in the enterprise. An audit of this type is intended to ensure that the company uses digital technologies effectively, in accordance with best practices, and in accordance with its specific needs and business goals.

Digitization Strategy

We optimize and digitize existing enterprise processes. This service is aimed at two groups: companies without a system looking to digitize and those with an existing system looking to expand or update modules due to their outdated nature.

IT Support for New Products

We offer innovative support to businesses that want to create a new product or service using information technology. Its primary goal is to provide comprehensive assistance in the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions, allowing the company to successfully launch a new product/service into the market.

Creating solutions

Synergity assists clients in identifying areas of optimization, which leads to increased operational efficiency and savings, through the analysis of business processes. The company assists clients in using the latest tools and technologies tailored to business goals through strategic technological analysis. Furthermore, the company provides software prototyping, which allows for early evaluation of solutions, detection of problems, and increased user satisfaction.


Managed IT Services

Thanks to today’s largely digitized business landscape, companies have access to the world’s best developers. Both established enterprises and start-ups are using outsourcing for cost reduction, improved efficiency, risk mitigation, and enhanced security. Our managed services allow you to focus on driving your business value while your IT environment is maintained by a trusted technology partner.


One goal can be achieved in many ways, therefore the first step of any project is business analysis. It is at this stage that the process maps, requirements and solution options are created in order to be able to choose the best one.


During planning, the requirements are specified so that we can achieve our goals and results even better, as well as allocate the planned budget well


In this phase, our idea collides with reality, which provides us with a lot of know-how, therefore in this phase we do not focus only on application development, but good knowledge and risk management. This approach allows us to achieve more than we planned


We improve what we have created. At this stage, we provide support to our clients to improve the application and increase its performance
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We believe that greatest solutions are created when our analysis and knowledge is combined with experience of our clients
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