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Choosing an IT company is a long-term relationship. We want to be your partner not only a software supplier.

Our mission is to provide solutions that bring real change and measurable benefits for your business. In all our activities, we try to be faithful to our value. Our teams work agile and are focused on delivering results, not just features.

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Synergity deep industry expertise enables global brands to hit the ground running.
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Business Analysis

Guiding you towards your goals

We provide a fit-for-purpose assessment of your organizational goals, processes, and IT landscape, in order to identify and articulate the needs in your organization. Our goal is to identify and define solutions that will maximize your business’ value. We perform analysis at all levels of the organization, starting from strategy definition, through data analysis, identification of goals and requirements, to supporting continuous improvement of technologies and processes.

Data Analysis

Predict your future

We are convinced that your business can move only as fast as your data. In the data analysis process, we sought to extract useful information from your past operations. Forge them into valuable insights and lead you to better, more informed, and conscious decisions in your organization. Finally, we look forward to enabling the steady growth of your business by automating data processing in day-to-day reports and AI-assisted recommendations. This will let you scale your business much quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

UI/UX Design

Designing delightful experiences

We know that the first impression plays an immense role in customers’ perception of your company. Nobody likes having to learn complicated and convoluted systems to perform their job. Our UI/UX teams help you help design new or redesign existing solutions. As well as build efficient customer retention strategies and help your company create interfaces that engage your clients. With UI design services, we want to make a constant impact that drives and inspires users. Let us make an excellent first impression on your customers.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Fit-for-purpose solutions

We create bespoke future-proof solutions designed to improve the quality of our clients’ day-to-day operations. We believe that technology combined with ingenuity allows you to gain an edge over competitors. We know that communication and flexibility play a key role in successful solutions. Thus our delivery process relies on the engagement between the client and our development team. We have adopted the agile delivery methodology developing software in small, controlled, incremental releases to adjust the solution to your business needs step by step.


Managed IT Services

Thanks to today’s largely digitized business landscape, companies have access to the world’s best developers. Both established enterprises and start-ups are using outsourcing for cost reduction, improved efficiency, risk mitigation, and enhanced security. Our managed services allow you to focus on driving your business value while your IT environment is maintained by a trusted technology partner.


One goal can be achieved in many ways, therefore the first step of any project is business analysis. It is at this stage that the process maps, requirements and solution options are created in order to be able to choose the best one.


During planning, the requirements are specified so that we can achieve our goals and results even better, as well as allocate the planned budget well


In this phase, our idea collides with reality, which provides us with a lot of know-how, therefore in this phase we do not focus only on application development, but good knowledge and risk management. This approach allows us to achieve more than we planned


We improve what we have created. At this stage, we provide support to our clients to improve the application and increase its performance
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Business Value First

Whatever we do we want bring real values to business

driven by Data

We want to decisions to be based on facts and metrics more than just god feeling


We believe that greatest solutions are created when our analysis and knowledge is combined with experience of our clients
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